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One of the basic rules of business is if you can't measure it you can't improve it. For retailers the inability to accurately measure in-store traffic, experience and engagement has forced them to rely on instinct and dollars in the till when making marketing and operational decisions.

- 93% of retail sales within Australia are made in physical stores

Finding the right solution is complex as each technology has its pros and cons. Onsite Insights (OI) has removed this burden by creating a hybrid multi sensor solution that eliminates resourcing headaches so you can focus on the answers.

One of the key take aways here is you need several strategically placed sensors per location to achieve this properly.

Until now, the power of retail location analytics has been reserved for those with deep pockets and vast resources, requiring lengthy and costly hardware installations. But OI has developed a smarter, easier and more effective method. Here’s how it works:

Utilising a fusion of sensors, the cloud and growing smartphone usage OI collects anonymous location information along with website traffic and engagement metrics.

OI works funnel

We measure how customers flow through your onsite and online spaces, where they go, how long they stay and how often they return.

- The smartphone is the dominant device for all users under 55 with over 79% of Australians owning one - 2016 Deloitte

We then analyse that non personal data using scalable cloud computing and turn the raw data into valuable and actionable business insights.

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Those insights are then presented in simple, yet powerful dashboards and graphs you can export into your presentations

Quick and easy to deploy

You need accurate answers and insights now, which is why our solution can have you up and running within 48 hours. No more waiting months for costly hardware installations that require deep IT involvement. 

Powerful and effective

All the data in the world is meaningless unless it can be properly analysed and turned into clear and actionable insights. Which is why our advanced algorithms do all the crunching and heavy lifting for you.

Now it’s easy to measure:

  • Repeat visitors and shopper loyalty
  • Chain and individual store performance
  • Marketing effectiveness, attribution and ROI
  • Visitor duration times, areas visited and engagement
  • In-store sales conversions and drivers
  • Store layout hot spots, quiet areas and bottlenecks
  • Walk-bys and quick exits
  • Time spent waiting
  • Number of people waiting
  • Queue exits
  • Gender and Age recognition

Easy to try and buy

Because our solution is so cost effective to deploy, we can offer short pilot contracts, so you can see for yourself how powerful and easy location analytics from OI can be for your business. After your pilot, OI is incredibly affordable to keep up and running with zero IT involvement.


If you're an innovative business that depends on physical visits and engagement, then we would love to hear from you.


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